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The Power of Choice

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Why the Typical Performance Review Is Overwhelmingly Biased

The traditional performance review is a confidential, closed-door meeting between no more than two people. Research suggests it is also totally misguided. Though we may […]

3 Psychological Habits to Deliver What Matters During a Crisis

During a crisis, we need to take care of ourselves and then support each other. But it’s hard to be completely cognitively effective when there’s […]

You Know the Physical Habits to Stay Healthy—Here Are the Psychological Habits to Stay Focused

When was the last time you heard any one of the following: “Wash your hands,” “Maintain social distancing,” or “Limit travel and interactions”? Most likely, […]

Research Diary: Lessons from Performance Management Redesign

Welcome to “Research Diary,” a regular peek inside NLI’s latest industry research project. Since March 2020, our Industry Research team has been interviewing HR professionals […]

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