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Designing a Leadership Model? The Science of Motivation Can Help

Your Brain at Work2019-07-12T04:53:19-04:00

Here’s Why Having a Brain Means You Have Bias

Unconscious bias lives in everyone. For leaders, it’s exceedingly important to learn to mitigate that bias before it negatively impacts decision-making.

We Want Your Questions On Gender, Performance, And Leadership

Ahead of an upcoming Facebook Live discussion on gender myths in performance and leadership, we want to hear which questions you'd like addressed on-air.

Build Efficient Teams by Practicing ‘Thoughtful Exclusion’

Leaders can assemble more efficient teams by practicing "thoughtful exclusion," a brain-friendly way to get important work done.

Want to Make Smarter Decisions? Think Like a Poker Player

Author and professional poker player Maria Konnikova explained at this year's NeuroLeadership Summit how leaders can make smarter decisions.

The All-Too-Real Dangers of Over-Inclusion

Everyone knows the pain of feeling left out, but fewer discuss the dread of needlessly being left in. This is what we at the NeuroLeadership Institute call "over-inclusion."

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