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Here’s Why Having a Brain Means You Have Bias

Your Brain at Work2019-07-12T04:53:19-04:00

5 Growth Mindset Blog Posts to Start the New Year Right

A new year means new resolutions. New chances to learn the skills that have eluded you. New opportunities to stretch, improve, and grow. We only […]

How Focusing on Feedback Can Unlock Better Performance

Each day, there seems to be more challenges, more variables, more controversies, and less time to deal with them all. The world of work is […]

How to Be Optimistic and Realistic During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To lead our teams to success, we all need to strike the right adaptive mindset and not over- or under-react. We need to find a […]

‘Befriend the Pandemic’: A Different Perspective on Current Events

Here, at NLI, we talk a lot about defying conventional wisdom, and instead heeding what research tells us. Core to that choice is embracing the […]

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