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Here’s Why Having a Brain Means You Have Bias

Unconscious bias lives in everyone. For leaders, it’s exceedingly important to learn to mitigate that bias before it negatively impacts decision-making.

The Hidden Leverage of Feedback

Feedback is essential for growth, whether it's a single-celled amoeba or a multinational company. Neuroscience shows how to do it right.

Welcome to Your Brain at Work!

For the last decade, we have been on a mission to develop a new language for leadership, culture, and learning, and Your Brain At Work is the next step.

Microsoft GM of Worldwide Learning Says Neuroscience Is the Future in Companies

Chris Pirie called out NLI as an organization focused on "codifying the research into workable models" that facilitate learning and stamp out biases along the way.

The Biggest Myth About Growth Mindset

Saying your plate is full isn't a sign your thinking is flawed.

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