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Here’s Why Having a Brain Means You Have Bias

Unconscious bias lives in everyone. For leaders, it’s exceedingly important to learn to mitigate that bias before it negatively impacts decision-making.

Creating Allies Creates Equity, But Are Allies Born or Made?

The short answer: they’re made. At the NeuroLeadership Institute, we think up to 98% of people have the potential to become allies. But we need to get into […]

Why Growth Mindset is the Key to Building Back Better

Whatever you believe about the role of government in day-to-day life, we can all agree that the public sector needs to adapt faster to changes […]

Our Leadership Moonshot: Key Insights to Embrace and Act Upon Now

People started talking about “moonshots” back in 1949. Back then, the phrase quite literally meant to shoot for the moon—with a spacecraft, that is (eg. […]

The 3 Critical Habits of Allyship

We know that a sense of belonging is a strong indicator of performance and well-being, but we know it doesn’t always work out well in organizations: one recent […]

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