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Here’s Why Having a Brain Means You Have Bias

Unconscious bias lives in everyone. For leaders, it’s exceedingly important to learn to mitigate that bias before it negatively impacts decision-making.

What We Get Wrong About Resilience and What the Research Really Says

2020 provides a lot of broader themes: the Zoom year, the social reckoning year, the COVID year, the compounding struggle year… perhaps even The Resilience […]

Allyship at Work Study: Tell Us About Your Experience

Have you helped build Allyship your organization? If so, we’d like to hear from you. Allyship is defined as “being aware of, and using, one’s advantaged […]

Make the Most of Virtual Meetings by Learning to Reduce Your ‘Distance Bias’

Think back to a conference call during the olden, “normal” times when the leader of the call in-room totally forgot who was on the phone, […]

The Brain-Based Case for Working Less and Achieving More

It’s a brave employee who makes the case for working less to their manager. It takes an inordinate amount of corporate courage because many managers […]

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