Trademark List

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NLI Trademark List


  1. NeuroLeadership Institute NLI®
  2. Neuroleadership®
  3. NeuroLeadership Summit ™
  4. NeuroLeadership Institute™

Product Suites

  1. IMPROVE The Neuroscience of Better Feedback®
  2. INCLUDE The Neuroscience of Smarter Teams ®
  3. DECIDE The Neuroscience of Breaking Bias®
  4. SELECT The Neuroscience of Better Hiring®
  5. CONNECT The Neuroscience of Quality Conversation ™
  6. GROW The Neuroscience of Growth Mindset™
  7. VOICE The Neuroscience of Speaking up™
  8. DEVELOP The Neuroscience of Long-term Growth Conversations ™

Education Products

  1. BBCC Brain-Based Coaching™
  2. BBCS Brain-Based Conversation Skills™
  3. CFN Certificate in the Foundation of NeuroLeadership™


  1. The SEEDS Model®
  2. SCARF®
  3. The TAPS Model®
  4. The AGES Model™

This list is a non-exhaustive list of NLI’s trademarks and Service Marks in the United States.