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Meet the Scientist

Dr. Kamila E. Sip

Senior Researcher
NeuroLeadership Institute

Kamila Sip is a cognitive and social neuroscientist with versatile expertise combining the fields of psychology, psychiatry and behavioral economics. Her work focused on investigating riskbased decision-making in healthy humans and those suffering from psychiatric disorders. Dr. Sip earned her B.A. in English Philosophy and Linguistics from Wroclaw University in Poland and M.A. in Pragmatics, Rhetoric, and Language Manipulation from the same institution. She then pursued a Ph.D. in Neuroscience of Deception at Aarhus University in Demark and Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging in UK. In the course of her training, she developed a neurocognitive framework for investigating deception experimentally, bridging her training in human communication with psychology and neuroscience. During her tenure as a postdoctoral fellow, she further explored the impact social feedback and interaction have on processing risk and reward by looking at the neural changes that occur when one’s expectations are modulated by external factors, e.g. social interaction with peers.

With over 10 years of international neuroscience training, she has gained invaluable insight into the different behavioral changes that stem from and are ingrained in the neurophysiological system. She is a primary author of 15 publications and a sole presenter at numerous international conferences. To obtain industry experience, she completed several business courses and was selected for a competitive internship in healthcare consulting management.

The combination of her scientific expertise and leadership aptitude lead Dr. Sip to hold a position of the Assistant Director of the Postdoctoral Program at New York University Langone Medical Center in New York City. She advocated for and led the organization of comprehensive training options to allow young academics to take on positions that require executive skills, communication and leadership. In the process, Dr. Sip successfully executed and directed several programs, including an innovative and comprehensive conflict resolution course specifically tailored for postdoctoral trainees.

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