Make Inclusive, Informed, and Successful People Decisions

Managers will learn how bias impacts different parts of the hiring process and how to adopt and apply three habits to mitigate bias.

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After 30 days of SELECT, 71% of 43 managers at a tech firm embrace the evidence when reviewing a resume

Spot bias, identify talent.

People are the lifeblood of an organization. Who gets recruited, interviewed, and hired all contributes to the culture that ultimately takes shape. The trouble is, selection processes are too often shaped by tradition or conventional wisdom, instead of what’s proven to work.

The solution: embracing the neuroscience of better hiring.

When leaders take an evidence-based approach, they bake in an anti-bias buffer to assessing what “qualified” looks like at each stage of the process. They can challenge their own thinking and make the smartest choices possible, not just in who they screen, but who they SELECT.