Be More Collaborative, Creative, and Connected as a Team

Empower managers and employees to dramatically improve their interactions, foster stronger working relationships and find novel ways to tackle difficult challenges, in real time.

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After 30 days of INCLUDE, 95% of 178 managers at a large energy firm use SCARF® to be more inclusive at least once a week

Harness collective intelligence

The conventional wisdom for assembling a high-performing team has run its course. We know it’s not about A-players, or superstars, or geniuses.

The highest-performing teams — the ones that collaborate on creative solutions, and uplift one another along the way — are those that tap into the neuroscience of cooperation. They recruit members from diverse backgrounds, share an identity to rally around a goal, and find real value in working together.

If organizations want to build these all-star teams, the first thing they must do is INCLUDE.