Be Informed, Accurate, and Fair in Your Evaluation of Employee Contributions

This program provides managers with a three-part strategy to mitigate unconscious bias in assessment and communicate those decisions effectively at scale.

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62% of a rater’s evaluation of an employee is a reflection of the rater, not the person being reviewed

Get the full picture for performance evaluation.

Though we assume we’re making accurate, objective assessments in performance reviews — some of the most important conversations managers have with employees — science knows that bias is still baked into the brain.

Managers routinely defer to their memory, tradition, and other cognitive shortcuts to guide their evaluations. And many don’t even know it. Data from a recent NLI performance management summit found that 57% of companies weren’t taking steps to remove bias from their review processes.

DIFFERENTIATE helps managers in your organization to make informed, accurate, and fair evaluations of employee contributions. This program provides a cohesive strategy to mitigate unconscious bias in assessment, and communicate those decisions effectively and at scale.