Help Managers Understand, Inspire, and Partner with Employees to Be Their Best

Through a suite of brain-based tools, this program will teach managers three simple habits to apply at the beginning, middle, and end of long-term growth conversations.

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Just 16% of employees say that they have ongoing conversations with their managers about their career.

Career conversations that inspire.

Why do the most important conversations happen so infrequently?

While 89% of employees say that regular career conversations boost their chances of seeking internal roles, only 16% say they have ongoing career conversations with their managers.

A major reason is that feedback conversations are extremely stressful. Managers risk sugarcoating their critiques out of politeness, while employees may selectively listen only for flaws. Both sides walk away feeling dissatisfied.

The science of social reward can transform how these career conversations take place, and it’s all captured in DEVELOP.