Conversations That Help People Learn, Grow, and Achieve

Dramatically increase the quality of everyday and planned performance conversations, rolled out across an audience of any size.

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After 30 days of CONNECT, 95% of 542 managers at a large consumer goods company apply strategies to have more effective interactions with direct reports

CONNECT – Have conversations that unlock performance.

It seems too good to be true, but effective 1-on-1 communication really can drive engagement across entire organizations.

What do we mean by effective?

It means managers should ask rather than tell. They should move direct reports into what psychologists call a “toward” state, rather than an “away” state. And they should harness growth mindset to build employee resilience in the face of setbacks. Focusing on the science means leaders can expect repeated results, no matter the context.

Simply put, quality conversations can’t happen unless managers and direct reports CONNECT.

CONNECT can be shared as a scalable learning solution or workshop.