The Neuroscience of Dream Teams


The best teams are more than the sum of their parts, but why does collaboration so often fail to fulfill this promise?

To explore this question, Shane Snow, Co-Founder of marketing technology firm Contently, and author of the new book Dream Teams, set out to look for commonalities between very different but remarkably effective teams throughout history.

Applying a neuroscience and psychology lens to his research, Shane was able to better understand what separates groups that simply get by together from teams that get better together.

In this webinar, Shane joins NLI’s Khalil Smith to unpack some of his key findings and answer your questions. Participants will explore the “ingredients” amazing teams share including powerful story-telling ability, knack for relationship building, emphasis on diversity, and more. Shane will also look at the composition of teams in organizations today, and distill actionable insights leaders can leverage to set their teams up for success.

You can view the presentation slides here.

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