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Moments of Truth

Observed Session Recording Feedback Report of BBCC PARTICIPANT – (May, 2019)

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback. Your attention to detail is just amazing. I will work to incorporate all the suggestions mentioned.

Endurance Technologies PARTICIPANT BBCC – (December , 2018)

Thanks NLI India . I’m delighted. Thanks for opening eyes of our team to a new stage of opportunities and strength.


I look forward to a host of experiences in the World of Coaching!! Thanks to the entire team of NLI India for making the whole process so perfect for all of us.


Thank you very much for coordinating and helping us gain all the program information for all the 4 units in the BBCC journey . Your support has always been very timely. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Master Trainers / Coaches for guiding and instilling all the coaching knowledge to me. The learning experience has been very enriching and wonderful.


Thank you all for the support. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. This has been a very enriching experience. Truly motivated to help others achieve their potential. Thank you once again, stay in touch!


On behalf of my entire team, a Big Thank you for the wonderful training and sharing some great insights from your experience. I personally enjoyed learning about “Thinking” and how it is linked to how the “Brain” works. I have also received wonderful feedback from the team about the program and how they can apply the learnings to help develop our people and improve performance. Thank you once again, stay in touch!


I am one of your many customers who has gone through all the Coaching Units and the entire journey of becoming a ICF coach. In this endeavor , there are a few people who I have thanked and acknowledged as being key members adding to my growth. I would like to take this opportunity and thank your team- because of whom this journey has been very productive. they have always been there to answer all our queries ( mind you , we have several queries a s a bunch). Their customer service skills extending to always building on their relationships and maintaining that good will has served them well. I have reached out to them several times in the last year, and they have always been very keen to problem solve and help ideate a solution that would be best suited for everyone. Coaching has been an integral part of my life and 2016 had a lot of it. Thank you for making this whole process smoother and less confusing. Keep up the good work!


They have been a great support for the past 6 months of our coaching journey and with all the facilitation, response to our queries, you have made this journey very smooth.


It was my privilege to be part of the group that attended UNIT 2 of BBCC program  recently.  I personally received immense learning on mastering the art of conducting a 12-session coaching engagement.   The way the group members were encouraged to ask questions and were given the opportunities to comment on the roles played by volunteers was very effective. I look forward to remain in touch.

COGNIZANT Participant ICT – DEC , 2013)

The Intensive Coach Training program was really amazing training and the honest proof of it is, I am taking some time out to write to you about your excellent training program. The sparkling feature of the training was the real time approach and discussion between all of us and not only bookish stuff on Coaching, but simple tools which we could start using immediately. Thank you so much for helping us to do a program which I believe could help us to develop great Leaders within our organization. Our trainer did an amazing work as a facilitator and I learned a lot as a facilitator. The participants who had also come in from different domains, helped us to learn a lot. The session also brought about collaborative learning from the participants who were from different domains and levels.

Open Workshop Participant ICT – (April 2013)

I was happy with the approach, the content is also good; trainers are always connected to participants and the session is pretty interactive, high in practice and experiential knowledge.

Open Workshop Participant ICT – (April 2013)

Trainer and program was very good but it requires a long term commitment, which we should be made aware of right in the beginning, before one commits to this program.

Open Workshop Participant ICT – (April 2013)

The present generation of new workers needs to be challenged, and the coaching process challenges thinking and ideologies. Thus it is a great tool to use in this age. It would be great though, if we could continue to be in touch with the trainer once the sessions are over, so that we can ask about doubts while executing what we had learnt in the theory classes.

Open Workshop Participant ICT – (2012 – 2013)

In last several months, I have started a wonderful journey in my life. Windows of perception started opening one after another; distorted views started disappearing and phenomena started appear as they are. I want to thank you for standing by me and showing me the way. I feel rejuvenated and confident to stand in front of the complex world, inspire trust and build relationship through humility and respect. I have learned decisively virtue of listening others and understanding others’view. Focusing myself to what matters is giving me more time and great sense of joy. I want to express my deep sense of gratitude and thank you for being my mentor.

Open Workshop Participant ICT – (2012 – 2013)

I am very thankful to the NLG Coach who changed my perspective to the work & life. I am feeling great to have you a coach with bundle of energy and clarity of thinking which is highly contagious. Though I felt exhausted to answer some of the tough thought provoking questions, over a period of time I realized all of them are helping me to become a better person. During this tenure I have actively contributed gained great feedback on presentations & meetings. I admire the style in which you stimulate and nurture the skills to focus on the goals. I still surprise, how quickly time moves. I would like to stay in touch with you. Thanks for your coaching, support & guidance.

Open Workshop Participant ICT – (2012 – 2013)

I just got a mail from the ICF stating that my ACC credential is through. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for helping me through my journey. I still remember April of last year when I took up this challenge on a whim, unsure of whether I will match up to the exacting standards of coaching. I now believe that the process was worthwhile. As I begin this new phase in my life, would appreciate your continued support.

Open Workshop Participant NLSS – Dec 2012

Thanks to you from the beginning about this course, i am extremely thankful to handle all my calls well, since my first contact with the company has been you after i got the phone no from the website, you were generous to share the numbers of some coaches with whom i could find out more details, you connected me two of your senior officers and handled all my queries with utmost urgency and tactfulness, and your explanations of how important it is to attend the programme through Rajan Kaicker was the key, because the program has been wonderful, i have enjoyed each moment and am taking it seriously to pursue this as my long time career, each correspondence through mail and phone was answered promptly and would definitely recommend others who are keen to take up this course, i wish you all success is your future endeavors.

Open Workshop Participant ICT – Dec 2012

Thank you for all your support before and during the ICT program. Your consistent follow made it possible for me to attend this workshop. Also your excellent customer orientation, made it possible for me to decide in favour of Results Coaching as against other Coaching Training Organisations. I really appreciate the fact that you arranged for various people to speak to me and clear my doubts and seek clarification with regards to the benefits of this program. Excellent and keep doing the god work. Thanks so very much…it was a great workshop and I am looking forward to starting the tele-classes soon.

Open Workshop Participant ICT – Sept 2012

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful ICT program. Everything – classroom sessions, tele-sessions, assessments – were all done upto 100% perfection. Special thanks for such a great Coach, insights, perfection in organizing sessions, assessment & wonderful feedback.

Open Workshop Participant ICT – June 2012

Thank you sir for having introduced me to Coaching; for being a great teacher, motivating me to stretch myself; you have unquestionably changed my life for the better. My heartfelt thanks sir and you will be a constant source of motivation and guidance. Thank you sir for the detailed assessment report and the generous rating. Your feedback has definitely deepened my learning and has inspired me to keep practicing. Thanks for organising the teleclasses very efficiently and keeping me on my toes with your “post telecall actions”! Thanks for your gentle persuasion in getting me enrolled for the program. I hope our paths cross often in the coaching community.

L&T Infotech Ltd Participant ICT – Sept 2011

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for such an insightful (ICT) program. It has been one of the best workshops that I have attended till date. As Emerson once said “Our chief want in life is someone who will make us do what we can”. Thank you for being that ‘someone’. Looking forward to your guidance in my learning journey. Have a great week ahead and thanks again.

Coaching Participant – Sept 2011

It was an indeed a great training program we had last week in Hyatt. Your inputs and the way you handle questions was extremely impressive. The Moment of truth was during the “shining” session, it was a reality check for all of us sitting there. We are confident that will take this learnings further in life and will always remember its people like you who made that difference.

Coaching Participant – Nov 2010

As we are aware, we have now completed the journey of 12 teleclass with our leadtrainer. I personally would like to acknowledge each of you of being great partners to practice coaching conversation. Thanks alot for being supportive and encouraging. I also would like to thank all support teams for being prompt in follow ups/scheduling sessions. And ofcourse, Thank for being Great Guru for all of us. I would like to wish everyone All the best for “Stage 1 assessment”. Lets celebrate the coaching journey together and share the happiness.

Dulsco Participant ICT – June 2010

I am glad and honored to be part of the coaching family, and do look forward to joining all of you in effectively serving our community. The feedback session was one of its kind and I have learnt so much from it. The report is useful and have taken onboard the areas for development. I must really appreciate the skillful way in which you played the role of a client and the value you have added to me as an assessor. Finally, it would be extremely unfair if I do not commend LKC group for bringing this program to us, ensuring that we have the best team onboard and building such rigor into the program. I have taken back much more than I could have imagined in the wildest of my dreams. your trainer was one of the best trainers I have ever come across and would love to work with them in the near future too.

Times of India participant of Work Place Coaching – March 2010

Great learning . Am sure that by the end of the program we all will come out as better individuals / professionals owing to the dual relationship of being a coach and a coachee that we will undergo. Also the very realization that we will be in a position to help someone and coach them to evolve personally and professionally, is a positive revelation conducive to our own confidence building. I thank you once again and look forward to the coaching program intently.

Times of India participant of Work Place Coaching – March 2010

It was truly a fantastic experience which would change the ways we think on any given thing. It will defiantely help us understand things more clear from now onwards. Looking forward for our tele classes.

TOYOTA participant of Intensive Coach Training – Dec 2009

Thank you very much. It is the RCS India Team which has made me to come to this level and once again I thank all of you and specially our Trainers for their good improvement feedback. I will continue to practice hence forth.

ICT Participant – Sep 2009

Just wanted to let you know that your teaching style was excellent. I seem to be getting the essence of what coaching is. You people are also very good as a coach. Will keep you updated on the progress. Will also be seeking your advice when I hit a block. Thanks once again for changing my life.

ICT Participant – Sep 2009

Just wanted to let you know that your teaching style was excellent. I seem to be getting the essence of what coaching is. You people are also very good as a coach. Will keep you updated on the progress. Will also be seeking your advice when I hit a block. Thanks once again for changing my life.

ICT Participant – July 2009

First of all let me express my sincere delight for knowing that I have the opportunity to connect with you for life time where you will be my Mentor Coach. I am truly happy for this privilege. I actually thought when I signed for this program that the fees are really very very high. But today I feel it otherwise. The value of learning cannot be calculated in terms of money. But by our human standards if it has to be money, then your commitment and structure is far more valuable. I mean it. Thanks for your guidance about the assignments coming to me. I have taken all the due note and shall act strictly accordingly. Sir, I have one more thought to share with you. It is absolutely nice to know that one must be Mindful. But how??? And I have shared this concern with quite a number of managers in the HR area. It is well known that Self Awareness is the building block of learning but in all the programs that I have attended including the ones by TMI and other organizations, I found the foundation very weak. I am all open to make a presentation with your team of trainers for a day, if you feel it prudent. This is coming out of great insight I had when I did the 7 Habits Program. I have understood that my mission is “To Create an Emotionally Intelligent Society”. Earlier I had this block that people will copy my presentations and I will become redundant, now this fear is getting lesser and lesser, although to be true, not gone all together. I just remember a autograph one of my classmates had jotted in my slam book in class 10th. It reads, ” Knowledge is proud that it knows so much, Wisdom is humble that it knows no more”. You truly exemplify this glory. Thanks a lot again.

ICT Participant – Sept 2008

I want to thank and acknowledge our teachers From RCS India for being such a wonderful trainer, coach, guide, mentor and his belief in all of us that has made this possible. Thank you above all, for having set an excellent example for all of us on what a coach is all about. I also want to thank and acknowledge all of you, my fellow coaches, for all your inputs, interactions, encouragements, feedback, acceptance and participation which has made this whole process such a fantastic learning experience for me. The last several months of the ICT training has been a wonderful experience for me and I am now looking forward to start my Coaching practice. It has been great knowing you all. Let’s keep in touch and if possible, meet up in person, whenever opportunity and time permits.

Reliance Participant for ICT – Sept 2008

Heartfelt Greetings!!! From the bottom of my heart and soul I would like to express my feelings regarding the ICT program I attended recently. Me, being the spiritual being and so much inspired by the buddhas like Buddha, Mahavir, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Osho, Socrates, Ron Hubbard… the list is endless. Until I attended this program I thought and felt all the training programs lack seriously something…they are incomplete somehow. First time in my corporate life I felt this program is so much in congruence with the teachings of buddhas so holistic and insightful…i don’t have words to express my gratefulness… All the trainers and the coordinators were so amazingly humble, committed and wise enough to enable us to look at training and coaching with fresh perspective. Am thankful to all the participants also. It’s a great encouragement to me. Up till now I felt I was wasting my time by not attending this program. I would like to further enhance my journey on this path and like to attend the subsequent programs.

Landed FM

‘Quiet Leadership’ interview with David Rock, April 2006

Courier Mail – Life, August 2001

“People are under more pressure and a lot of people have less ongoing support from the family unit. They are looking for more fulfillment. They are looking for alternative methods to achieve this.” says David Rock, CEO of Results Coaching Systems.

Vive, Summer 1999/2000

“It’s a phenomenon that is growing in popularity around the globe in such places as England, Russia, Australia and the USA.”

Nine to Five magazine, July 2001

“Before dismissing [life coaching] as mere self-help psychobabble, think again. As a $100 million business second only to the IT industry in its US growth rate, life coaching is the latest must-have lifestyle and business accessory – the solution to both workplace under-achievement and premature stress burnout.” “Life Coaching is one of today’s fastest growing industries – there are now thousands of life coaches in the US and the industry has already caught on here.”

Harpers Bazaar, September 1999

“Four years ago, none of us had heard of life coaching. Now you can find them talked about in magazines, at dinner parties and in the HR departments of major corporations.”