Guru Speak: An Insight into Your Mind

guru speak article

David Rock has a simple agenda – to make people think about how they think. Rock started out doing something a lot of people do; he was a leadership facilitator helping people hone their execution abilities. Over time he realised that the quality of ideas and insights was significantly higher when they discussed softer issues, but in a scientific manner. This is what triggered his interest in, and eventually led to him coining the term neuroleadership, and co-founding the NeuroLeadership Institute in Sydney. Simply put, neuroleadership explores how processes within the brain influence behaviours in the workplace.

“NeuroLeadership is the study of leadership and management from the perspective of what happens in the brain. It is the human, not financial, side of leadership,” says Rock. He has authored a number of books on the subject including Quiet Leadership and Your Brain at Work. Rock recalls how during a training session at NASA, one of the participants said to him that while they could determine exactly where a particular piece of metal would be in space ten years from now, they didn’t know what would happen at their next meeting. And that’s where neuroleadership comes in. Read more…

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