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Here’s Why Having a Brain Means You Have Bias

Your Brain at Work2019-07-12T04:53:19-04:00

How to Convince Your CEO Your Organization Needs Growth Mindset

At NLI, we don’t subscribe to the idea that all employees need to think the same in order to stay united. In fact, homogenous teams tend […]

3 Psychological Habits to Deliver What Matters During a Crisis

During a crisis, we need to take care of ourselves and then support each other. But it’s hard to be completely cognitively effective when there’s […]

You Know the Physical Habits to Stay Healthy—Here Are the Psychological Habits to Stay Focused

When was the last time you heard any one of the following: “Wash your hands,” “Maintain social distancing,” or “Limit travel and interactions”? Most likely, […]

Research Diary: Lessons from Performance Management Redesign

Welcome to “Research Diary,” a regular peek inside NLI’s latest industry research project. Since March 2020, our Industry Research team has been interviewing HR professionals […]

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