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NLI’s Heidi Grant Given Best Business Book Honors

NLI’s Heidi Grant Given Best Business Book Honors

If you want help, ask for it.

This seemingly simple yet surprisingly complex insight earned Reinforcements: How to Get People to Help You by NeuroLeadership Chief Science Officer Heidi Grant honors from Strategy and Business. The magazine just named it one of three titles under Best Business Books 2018: Management.

“All managers, except the most authoritarian, will want to read” the book, notes Theodore Kinni, a contributing editor at the magazine.

”It’s a slim book on a topic that shouldn’t, at first glance, merit a book-length treatment: asking for help,” he adds. “Yet it turns out that the topic is complicated, because asking for help is fraught with stress.”

Those fears are assuaged in turn. While we might be shy of asking for help for fear of being refused, the research indicates that most people really do want to appear helpful, so they’ll be more game to pitch in than you might imagine. And they won’t think less of you, but more of you:

Counterintuitively enough, people actually like us more after we ask them for a favor.

To learn more, you might want to ask a coworker if you can borrow a copy.

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