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Here’s Why Having a Brain Means You Have Bias

Your Brain at Work2019-07-12T04:53:19-04:00

The World is Slowly Returning to Work—Here’s What Talent Leaders Should Know

Ready or not, most of the United States—and other portions of the world—are now reopening, on a gradient from “gradual” to “all-in.” Some sectors are rehiring, […]

How to Convince Your CEO Your Organization Needs Growth Mindset

At NLI, we don’t subscribe to the idea that all employees need to think the same in order to stay united. In fact, homogenous teams tend […]

How to Be Optimistic and Realistic During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To lead our teams to success, we all need to strike the right adaptive mindset and not over- or under-react. We need to find a […]

‘Befriend the Pandemic’: A Different Perspective on Current Events

Here, at NLI, we talk a lot about defying conventional wisdom, and instead heeding what research tells us. Core to that choice is embracing the […]

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