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Here’s Why Having a Brain Means You Have Bias

Unconscious bias lives in everyone. For leaders, it’s exceedingly important to learn to mitigate that bias before it negatively impacts decision-making.

SURVEY RESPONSES NEEDED: How Have You Experienced Performance Management?

Are you an employee or manager that has experienced your organization’s performance management process? If so, we would like to invite you to take a short anonymous […]

Change Behaviors, Not Beliefs

As we’ve written before, the mantra of Bring your full self to work can create challenges. Organizations may have good intentions in promoting diversity and inclusion. But certain […]

2 Questions Every Employee Should Ask of the Work They Do

On the one hand, we see human life expectancy increasing. On the other, forecasts say machines will displace huge swaths of the global workforce. Lynda Gratton, Professor of […]

4 Big Ideas to Support Your Next Transformation

Leading a transformation at work can feel a bit like cleaning a messy room. (Okay, it’s a little more complicated, but stay with us.) You […]

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