Dramatically increase the quality of everyday & planned performance conversations,
in a 30-day initiative rolled out digitally across a large audience.

 Empower managers with a research-based approach to having performance conversations.

Embed this new approach in small bites, with multiple touch points, at scale.

Digital Learning Solutions 1

Week 1: Improve Everyday Interactions

Engage & manage motivation

The SCARF® Model

  • 5 minute video
  • Positive status pressure
  • Research summary
  • Practice tool
  • Embedding activity
Digital Learning Solutions 2

Week 2: Activate Insights

Ask questions to facilitate change


  • 5 minute video
  • Positive status pressure
  • Research summary
  • Practice tool
  • Embedding activity
Digital Learning Solutions 3

Week 3: Focus on Learning

Focus on learning & progress

Growth Mindset

  • 5 minute video
  • Positive status pressure
  • Research summary
  • Practice tool
  • Embedding activity
Digital Learning Solutions 4

Week 4: Webinar & Employee Video

Highly interactive skill building

Highly interactive skill building

  • Employee video
  • About the campaign
  • What to expect

Real Results:

Participants would recommend Connect to other people leaders: 100%
Participants found the Connect materials easy to understand: 97%
Participants have made an effort to apply the Connect techniques: 95%
Participants agreed that the Connect concepts are easy to apply in conversations with direct reports: 92%

*Data from 230 managers at a large telecommunications company in 2014

What is a “Quality Conversation”?

Recent research has shown that less than 1% of managers are strong in both goal-focus, and people-focus. The reason is that the networks in the brain for goal setting and social skills compete.

A Quality Conversation is a brain-friendly approach to leading others by understanding their social drivers and mindset to encourage insight and build long-lasting habits.

These types of conversations are used in:

  • Everyday performance conversations
  • Project-based performance conversations
  • Annual performance conversations
  • Longer-term career conversations

Initiative Overview

Digital Learning Solutions 5


“With the [Connect] program it has shown me that by allowing the agent to do more of the talking they have a better buy in with the conversation. Instead of giving a solution to the agent, they have self-discovery.”
Senior Director, Business Services, , Large Telecommunications Company
“This isn’t “extra;” it enhances what we’re already doing. A small investment of time up-front has turned into lasting behavior change.”
Senior Director, Customer Care, Large Telecommunications Company

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