Using hard science to transform leadership effectiveness

Performance Management

Transform performance by lifting the quality of conversations

Diversity & Inclusion

Enhance diversity and inclusion by breaking bias

Learning & Change

Accelerate and embed new behaviors through brain-based learning strategies

What People are Saying

“”We as leaders have to influence other individuals, we have to motivate other individuals, we have to teach other individuals. Without the research of how the brain works and functions, it’s very difficult to do that job as effectively as we could”
Susan Sobbott, President, American Express OPEN
“What we are learning about neuroscience is turning the established, conventional wisdom upside down.”
Art Kleiner, Strategy + Business
“This is a very insightful and growing field that leaders and managers can relate to.”
Teresa O’Brien, HR Manager, Strategic Marketing, Westpac
“Neuroscience provides us with language and diagnostic tools we’ve never had before.”
Robert Tobias, Director, Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation
“If you look at leadership studies, it’s a very fragmented discipline, and the neuroscience is allowing us to understand the complexity and create a framework for it.”
Mitch Wasden, CEO, Ochsner Medical

NeuroLeadership News

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Coaching Demystified

Coaching Demystified
According to Ibis World, over $1 Billion was spent in the US alone on business, personal and relationship-coaching, up by […]

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NY Times: Before Starting as a Coach, It Helps to Go Into Training


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Lack of Care About Sleep Derails Us All


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There is overwhelming evidence that a lack of sleep is not […]