Coaching for Results

Have you ever experienced professional coaching, as a leader in an organization or at a personal level? Most often it is a transformational experience, leaving you in a state of high that create a positive feeling of possibilities! It is a wonderful feeling of freedom stemming from the bubbling up of insights that were hitherto the unknown!

Unfortunately, not all coaching interventions lead to Desired and Measurable Results

And this is the single most reason why some corporates shy away from exploring coaching interventions to solve their organizational challenges.

Often the results derived do not justify the investments made.

Coaching is considered as one-on-one intervention and hence not seen in the same league as training which can address a larger number of employees.

It is mostly considered to be an exclusive instrument of improving strategic thinking of senior leaders in the company (read CXOs).

Let us break these myths one at a time –

The professional business coaches at NeuroLeadership Institute of India and South Asia deploy understanding of Neuroscience in Coaching (also termed as Brain-Based Coaching) to get to the desired and measurable goals. It then focusses on embedding the newly gained thinking and behaviours as powerful Habits. Brain-Based Coaching provides near permanent personality change for continued performance.

For the past few years, NeuroLeadership Institute USA, has been carrying out deep research in Neuroscience to find ways to address core OD challenges such as Culture and Leadership, Performance Management practices, Employee Engagement and Diversity & Inclusion. This has led to Coaching Solutions in the form of short duration learning journeys that prepare mid to senior leaders in organizations to successfully manoeuvre their organizations towards optimal performance. While traditional training programs are necessary as they build awareness and sensitivity, their impact could be transient. Coaching Solutions provide a far longer impact on individual thinking and behaviour.
Last but not least, employees at all levels are potential candidates for Brain-Based Coaching to improve their performance, productivity, innovative thinking, and leadership competencies.
While the width and depth of such Coaching interventions may differ for more mature roles, but they are all based on the fundamental principles of Neuroscience that go beyond generation, gender or role.