Why is Bias ‘Unconscious’?

Why is Bias ‘Unconscious’?

Have you heard of colleagues who hired a person only to regret their choice a few weeks later? And realize later that they had missed very important details that could have helped take a better decision? Or perhaps you have observed a deserving team member being given the pass for promotion, due […]

Neuroscience of Coaching

Neuroscience of Coaching
The rapid advancement in Neuroscience now makes it possible to track and monitor brain activity in human beings thus opening up a whole exciting field of experimentation and exploration. Our current understanding of how our brains work, is providing sufficient evidence of how humans gather, store and process information. It is also telling […]

Coaching for Results

Coaching for Results
Have you ever experienced professional coaching, as a leader in an organization or at a personal level? Most often it is a transformational experience, leaving you in a state of high that create a positive feeling of possibilities! It is a wonderful feeling of freedom stemming from the bubbling up of insights that […]

Coaching Demystified

Coaching Demystified
According to Ibis World, over $1 Billion was spent in the US alone on business, personal and relationship-coaching, up by about 20% from five years earlier. According to the study, the demand for Business Coaches has zoomed by 60% since 2007. A quick search in LinkedIn bears testimony to this fact– literally hundreds of certified […]

NY Times: Before Starting as a Coach, It Helps to Go Into Training


LESLIE YALOF GARFIELD, 54, a professor at Pace Law School, faced an empty nest as her last child headed off to college. Ilona Shinkar, 42, is a former French teacher living in Larchmont, N.Y., with three children at home.

Ms. Shinkar […]

Lack of Care About Sleep Derails Us All


By David Rock

There is overwhelming evidence that a lack of sleep is not being taken seriously enough in our society. Sleep deprivation drastically dampens our reaction time and attentiveness. The engineer of the NYC metro train that derailed recently reportedly began drifting off as the train reached speeds […]

NY Times: A Boss’s Challenge: Have Everyone Join the ‘In’ Group


By Adam Bryant

This interview with David Rock, director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, was conducted and edited by Adam Bryant.

Q. You’ve developed an acronym — SCARF — to better explain people’s behavior, particularly at work. Can you explain it?

A. It’s really a summary of […]

Using hard science to transform leadership effectiveness

From the Desk of Stephen R. Covey: The High Cost of Low Trust

Most organizations have no clue of the enormous cost of low trust, and because most executives have no means of measuring its bottom-line impact, they have little motivation to seriously address it. To compound the problem, many employees feel like helpless victims of the problems in their organizations and see no clear way to influence […]

A Never Ending To Do List

I used to work with a woman who loved to make lists. She created endless pages of everything that needed to be done, and more pages of things she and her team were working on.

At first, we were all in awe. She seemed so on-top of what would be required to succeed. However, our awe […]

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