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Create a Pathway to install new habits at scale

A Solution Pathway is a 1–2 year learning journey, during which employees develop a critical set of habits to address an organizational challenge.

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Why Pathways work

  • Common Language

    Employees adopt a common language, enabling better discussions.

  • Coherence

    All pathways share the same scientific foundation, reinforcing the learning and embedding it deeper in memory.

  • Layering

    Applying the foundational learning again and again, to different challenges, continuously strengthens critical habits.


We’ll work with you to develop and customize your Solution Pathway timeline.

In order to transform performance, you need a year or two of ongoing development that is coherent and continues to re-embed skills people learned earlier. Each time you tackle new habits, you are building on past learning.

  • 1–3 months: identify and define your organization’s unique challenge
  • 3–5 months: implement first solution
  • 6–8 months: implement second solutions
  • 9–11 months: implement third solution
  • 12–24 months: embed skills

Example timeline

Challenge: improve quality conversations


The Neuroscience of Quality Conversations


The Neuroscience of Better Feedback


The Neuroscience of Long-Term Growth Conversations

Example timeline

Challenge: increase diversity and inclusion


The Neuroscience of Smarter Teams


The Neuroscience of Breaking Bias


The Neuroscience of Smarter Hiring

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