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Meet the Scientist

Dr. Joe Pulichino

Senior Leader
NeuroLeadership Institute

Dr. Joe Pulichino is Senior Leader for the NeuroLeadership Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area where he is responsible for the Company’s client relations, business development, program facilitation, and solutions delivery on the west coast. Over the past several months Joe has been immersed in the design, development, and delivery of NLI’s signature corporate solutions: Adapt, Connect, and Decide. Before joining NLI he was a learning solutions architect and facilitator at BrainStudio International where he led the design and delivery of neuroscience-based employee development programs at Oracle University.

Joe has been a business leader in the field of learning and development in the technology sector for over 30 years holding a variety of senior level management positions at Wang Labs, Sybase, Global Knowledge, EduPoint, WBT Systems, the Human Capital Institute, and Qstream. His expertise covers leadership development; sales training and enablement; technical training; human capital and talent management; and assessment, evaluation, and performance management programs. He received his Master’s degree from Rutgers University and his Ed.D. in Education Technology from Pepperdine University. Formerly Research Director at the E-Learning Guild, Joe has published widely in business and academic journals and has presented his research at many industry conferences. Joe has served as a Board Member of the Center

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