Your Organization’s DNA Part 2: Changing Culture

Presented by Mary Slaughter (NLI) & Heidi Grant (NLI).

Culture is the DNA of an organization: the how-we-do-things building blocks that, for better or worse, get endlessly replicated as a company grows.

In part one of this webinar series, we explored how to redefine your organization’s DNA. In part two, we’ll explore science-driven ways to make change happen.

Organizations fail to change due to what researchers call the Intention-Behavior gap. It’s the well-studied, pervasive, and all-too-human tendency to fail at following through on our intentions to “do things differently.” Bridging this gap means understanding that much more than raising awareness and creating buy-in is needed to sustain lasting cultural change.

Join NeuroLeadership Institute’s Mary Slaughter and Dr. Heidi Grant to learn about the three critical ingredients for following through on your organization’s intentions: priorities, habits, and systems.

You can view the presentation slides here.

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