Preview the Big Breakthroughs at This Year’s NeuroLeadership Summit

How we hire, develop, and organize talent has never evolved at a faster clip than today.

This November in NYC, join us as leading scientists partner with executives from today’s smartest organizations to unpack key questions, including:

1. What does it take to inspire culture change throughout an organization?
2. How do we better attract and retain top talent?
3. What are the breakthroughs needed to develop better leaders, faster?
4. What can science tell us about creating truly healthy teams and organizations? Like to learn more?

Join NLI’s head of Research, Dr. Josh Davis for a 30-minute webinar previewing this year’s summit plans. Explore the full range of topics we will be addressing, and discover why this has been called the most brain-friendly conference on the planet.

Download Presentation Slides here


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