Two Awesome Hours by Josh Davis PhD

twoawesomehourscoverTwo Awesome Hours by Josh Davis Ph.D.

Coming soon: May 5, 2015.

Set Up the Right Conditions to Achieve Amazing Productivity

Rushing, multitasking, or relying on fancy devices and apps won’t help

Whether we love our jobs or not, the amount of work on our plate has reached unsustainable levels. We start each workday anxious about how we will get it all done, and which important tasks will have to be sacrificed—again—so we can keep our heads above water. We often respond to our out-of-control to-do lists by focusing on being more efficient—trying to get more done in less time.

According to Josh Davis, Ph.D., we’re going about it the wrong way. The answer is not to get more done faster, but rather to create the conditions for at least two awesome hours of peak productivity each day.

Neuroscience and psychology research is revealing what those conditions are.

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