Organisational DNA: Redefining & Changing Culture (Asia Pacific)

Presented by Karin Hawkins.

Culture is the DNA of an organisation: the “how-we-do-things” building blocks that, for better or worse, get endlessly replicated as a company grows.

But just like the latest biology is showing that you’re not stuck with your genes, NeuroLeadership research is finding that organisational DNA can be edited, too. It requires knowing how ideas get spread and remembered, and by designing cultural initiatives for viral, self-directed behaviour change.

Organisations fail to change due to what researchers call the Intention-Behaviour gap. It’s the well-studied, and all-too-human tendency to fail at following through on our intentions to “do things differently.” Bridging this gap means understanding that raising awareness and creating buy-in is not enough to sustain pervasive cultural change.

Join the NeuroLeadership Institute’s Principal Consultant, Karin Hawkins to explore the practice of effectively redefining your cultural DNA and the science-driven ways to create memorable, coherent language to facilitate lasting change

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