NeuroLeadership Summit Insights 2017 (Asia Pacific)


Join NLI’s Karin Hawkins while she examines the central takeaways from the 2017 NeuroLeadership Summit – an annual event that brings together scientists and practitioners to better understand leadership, organisations and human potential. This year’s theme was “Thrive through Disruption” and over two full days participants explored science-based strategies to grow and innovate in the face of massive uncertainty.

In this webinar Karin discussed:

  • The Power of Disruptive Language to make sense of a volatile and uncertain world
  • The latest research on team intelligence and the potential to create stronger teams through neural synchrony
  • Crafting distributed learning experiences without losing the human touch
  • Introduction to a new framework for increasing organisational agility

Karin also shared highlights from the Summit breakout sessions including the purpose of purpose, achieving goals, rethinking talent reviews, increasing inclusion and much more.

You can view the presentation slides here

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