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Rachel Cardero

Senior Consultant NeuroLeadership Institute

Rachel Cardero is a Senior Consultant at the NeuroLeadership Institute. Ms. Cardero has extensive experience in management and consulting spanning a diverse array of industries: finance, healthcare, professional services, consumer goods, tech, biopharma and beyond. Ms. Cardero’s current specialty is partnering with executives on global leadership transformations, brain-based culture change, and organizational growth mindset. Ms. Cardero also focuses on managing large-scale business-critical initiatives and custom brain-based solution design.

Juxtaposed to her human capital expertise is Ms. Cardero’s passion for Neuroscience. Her past research culminates around a special interest in human behavior and the organization of complex systems, with work done at The Taub Institute, Cornell University, Rockefeller University, and the American Museum of Natural History. Ms. Cardero also plays a pivotal role in NLI’s Organizational Growth Mindset Industry Research.

Ms. Cardero studied Biological Sciences at Cornell University, and holds a degree in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience from Columbia University in New York.

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