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Khalil Smith

Practice Lead, Diversity & Inclusion NeuroLeadership Institute

Khalil Smith heads up the Institute’s Diversity & Inclusion practice. He brings over 20 years of business experience: specializing in creating a culture of learning and inspiration at Apple Inc., and demystifying group dynamics through the lens of social science as a consultant.

Latest Research


How Quiet Voices Help Defeat Groupthink

Groupthink bubbles up when dissenting voices keep quiet. Leaders can improve group decision-making when they work to raise those quiet voices.

3 Ways to Know If You’re Being Doomed by Groupthink

Groupthink isn't invisible. If leaders know how to spot groupthink in their team meetings, they can take concrete steps to make sure it doesn't crop up.

How JFK Inspired the Term ‘Groupthink’

The Bay of Pigs Invasion, a political move widely viewed as a textbook case of failed decision-making, has helped psychologists study major organizations.

Every Meeting Starts With an Unstated Goal — and It Leads to Bad Decisions

What causes groupthink? One major factor is the tendency people have in meetings to rush toward consensus, just so the meeting can end earlier.

Why Do Smart, Well-Meaning Teams Make Bad Decisions? Groupthink

Groupthink is what happens when team members stop thinking independently, don't speak up, and race toward consensus. But leaders can still avoid it.

Leaders Should Be Striving Toward ‘Optimal Inclusion’ — Here’s Why

Leaders who practice optimal inclusion — that is, deploying the right people for the right jobs — can create more efficient, effective teams.
Diversity and Inclusion

The Smartest Teams Embrace the ‘Diversity Paradox’

Business leaders can learn a lot about diversity from college kids solving fake murders. It was 2009. Northwestern University researchers had just given groups of…

What Science Says About Effective Racial Bias Training

This week, Starbucks responded to public outrage following the arrests of two black men who were simply waiting to meet a friend at one of…

D&I Habits That Truly Last (AsiaPacific)

 Discover how to create an effective Diversity & Inclusion strategy that generates real behaviour change. D&I training programs typically fail because they aren’t structured…

Get D&I Out of a Silo

I had a fascinating conversation with a coworker the other day. The essence of it was a question: “Why do companies put diversity and inclusion…

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