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Senior Project Manager – Sydney, Australia

We welcome you to apply for the Senior Project Manager role to support the seamless delivery of Corporate Solutions client programs. The Project Manager will work very closely with Lead Consultants/Engagement Managers by managing the logistics of the program delivery process by, scheduling calls, scheduling webinars, managing documentation, ensuring that deliverables at met in a timely manner. This is a great opportunity for recent grads or candidates who genuine interest in OD, Neuroscience or Psychology.

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Solutions project management:

  • Support Lead Consultants/Engagement Manager
  • Provide comprehensive project management of designated Solutions clients.
  • Lead client-facing interactions surrounding design, logistics, team briefs, and training/delivery sessions.
  • Provide project management support to Engagement Managers and subject matter experts on wide-scale programs and initiatives.
  • Serve as front-line management for all client needs on designated Solutions projects
  • Manage client-specific and trainer-specific materials for designated Solutions program deliveries.
  • Maintain current program/client records in relevant systems/platforms
  • Manage budgets and expenses for designated Solutions client deliveries
  • Liaise regularly with Solutions Sales, Digital Systems, Finance & Operations team for seamless Solutions program rollout.
  • Identify/ uncover up-selling and on-selling opportunities with clients

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Detail oriented and comfortable with logistical planning
  • Tech savvy (easily learn/navigate/use online platforms)
  • Self-starter, organized, reliable
  • Adaptable/flexible in changing/uncertain environments
  • Very detail oriented, as well as able to prioritize
  • Customer service oriented
  • Resourceful/problem solver
  • High emotional regulation

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • Management Consulting, Process Mapping: 3 years

If the above describes you and who and where you want to be, we want to hear from you! Email with your resume and cover letter.

PS- To make sure we hire the people best suited to our culture, we’ve designed intensive, task-based selection process so be prepared to work hard to earn this opportunity!

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