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Recruitment Administrator

Job Description

Are you interested in helping people find jobs they love? Do you delight in providing stellar customer service? Would you like to be part of a fast growing, collaborative team of passionate, super bright, hard working individuals?

If yes, please continue reading.

In the Recruitment Operations Specialist role, you’ll join our fast-paced, hard-working, high-energy talent seeking team to support creating an excellent candidate experience.

You have at least two years of improving recruitment operations – including expediting time to fill- and enhancing employer brands.

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Here’s a bit about who you are and what you’ll be doing:

  • You prioritize scheduling candidates and excel at handling multiple calendars/requests simultaneously
  • You’re experienced with managing multiple job boards and recruitment vendors
  • You are positive energy, organized, decisive, and used to working on your own
  • Discretion is your middle name
  • You’re tech savvy- strong in Microsoft and Google applications as well as other software and a quick study on new programs.

Your day to day activities will include

  • Schedule interviews and follow ups (50% of your time)
  • Email updates to candidates
  • Daily email updates to hiring manager
  • Database maintenance

If the above describes you and who and where you want to be, we want to hear from you!

Please email your resume to

PS- To make sure we hire the people best suited to our culture, we’ve designed intensive, task-based selection process so be prepared to work hard to earn this opportunity.

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