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INCLUDE®-The Neuroscience of Smarter Teams

INCLUDE®-The Neuroscience of Smarter Teams

INCLUDE® – The Neuroscience of Smarter Teams

Most leaders, whether from large or small companies, have understood by now that Diversity and Inclusion are important for profitable growth. The research itself is overwhelming, and virtually impossible to miss. Diverse teams and inclusive habits are right on top of the pecking order in predicting team performance and corporate social responsibility.

Let us pause and ask, will Diversity work without Inclusion?

Diverse organisations tend to have stronger bottom lines, but only when all employees feel respected and valued. Research shows that teams with higher social intelligence are much more productive. But social intelligence is inversely proportional to the threat response employees experience in everyday leadership communication. Hence higher social intelligence, fundamentally, is a result of learning to send the right reward signals that make people feel valued and included.

There are two types of inclusion: cognitive inclusion and social inclusion.

Cognitive inclusion is the act of valuing someone’s input, ideas, perspective, point of view, or contribution. Social inclusion is the act of physical representation or informing. It’s about making sure that people are aware of the decision that is being made or actions being taken. When ‘inclusion’ remains unsatisfied an employee may feel that their ideas are not welcome, or that they themselves are not welcome. Our research points out overwhelmingly at the negative effects of poor inclusion that affect overall performance and mental and physiological health.   Based on a decade of Neuroscience studies, NeuroLeadership Institute has developed a research based solution INCLUDE®, which provides a 3-part strategy to dramatically improve inclusion, collaboration, and team interactions throughout your organisation.

We invite you to explore how INCLUDE® is making teams feel like winners at scale!

Written by: By Soumen Chatterjee Executive Director – NeuroLeadership India

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