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Building a New Language of Leadership

Building a New Language of Leadership

A Google search on ‘Leadership Models’ returns about 62,00,00,000 articles, an indication of the width and breadth of research on the subject of leadership! It has been both complex and elusive in its understanding and application. In the current disruptive business environment, Leaders are required to possess sufficient emotional intelligence, inclusive mindset, cross-cultural sensitivity and sharp focus on results. The language of Corporate Leadership has become increasingly complex to comprehend, let alone practice.

Founded 2008 by Dr. David Rock, the NeuroLeadership Institute has been on a decade long mission to develop a new language for leadership, culture, and learning. Today, NLI’s work is impacting millions of people in hundreds of the world’s largest companies — 30% of the Fortune 100, to be specific, with the fundamental desire to make workplaces more human.

The institute has united the world’s foremost Neuroscientists, leadership researchers, and organizational practitioners with the purpose to understand how our brains function under different stimuli and to translate these findings to transform how we think, develop, decide and perform. From ‘lifting the Quality of Conversations across the organization’ to ‘taking unconscious bias out of decision making’ and ‘building diverse and smarter teams’, NLI applies Neuroscience research findings to core HR and OD challenges across a variety of industries.

Is your organization struggling with employee disengagement and low performance despite multiple interventions? We invite you to explore how NeuroLeadership Institute’s suite of Corporate Solutions, Workplace Coaching and Executive Coaching can transform your workplace and its leadership.

Written by:

Soumen Chatterjee

Executive Director and Partner – NeuroLeadership Institute of India & South Asia

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